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How does the EMA work?

The EMA Oral Appliance works by holding the mandible forward  with interchangeable elastic straps, provided in 1mm increments and colour flexibilities.

The EMA is simple, minimally invasive and provides maximum tongue space due to its fabrication using thin thermoformed blanks.

Our modified standard design includes opposing flat plane splints built to your captured bite. This ensures minimal change to your bite but also enables Anterio-posterio movement with change in strap length.

Posterior bite stops also protect the neck from a pivoting action and hold your optimal airway bite position.


Yellow straps are very flexible and ideally suited for patients who’s symptoms include Heavy Bruxism. As the patient’s symptoms dissipate, due to positional therapy, Blue then Clear straps can be interchanged with this appliance, controlling the ability of movement from the optimal airway position captured at MMR stage.


EMA Strap Selection- as carried by Functional Orthotic Design*

Strap Sizes (mm)- 21,20,19,18,17,16,15,14

*Functional Orthotic Design determines strap length to be used after articulation of your provided models and bite registration. We will record the strap length detail for you. You can view this detail on the returning patient’s invoice when the case is sent back to you.













Cost Effective Introduction

EMA offers your patient a cost effective solution to the treatment of OSA and Snoring through EMA-FIRST STEP .This is an excellent appliance to prove to your patient the benefits of wearing an Oral Appliance at minimal expense.

Functional Orthotic Design offers this appliance as an entry level device as part of our Dental Sleep Product range.

If your patient benefits from this simple procedure we can move onto the next level EMA (with or without inclusions)



How long does the EMA last?

With proper care the EMA custom lab-fabricated appliance will effectively treat OSA for a number of years. Recommended review of all Sleep Devices should be conducted every 4 months.


EMA can be fabricated with inclusions such as Nasal Pillows and Tongue Lifters.







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TAP your patient into a good nights sleep .



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