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Flat Plane with Ramp Olmos Night Positioner

This is a Farrar appliance made to our specifications of using a Phonetic Bite Registration and then mounted on an Acculiner/Acculator.

This appliance is useful for patients who wake locked. It is produced for the maxilla to prevent mandibular retrusion. The capsular and discal ligaments have been stretched in this situation. The purpose of these ligaments is to limit the amount of movement of these joint components. That is no longer possible. Therefore, the supine position is sufficient to produce retrusion of the mandible and anterior displacement of the disc. When this situation exists, an artificial restraining device is necessary.

The lower anteriors will rest on the ramp incline while the mouth is open during restful sleep. The ramp is contoured to the lingual surfaces of the lower anteriors and its length is determined by the floor of the mouth. The ramp is contoured to engage the lower cuspids. This is useful in holding the anterior position when the patient is lying on their side. The appliance is designed for full contact with the corrected position. In order to accommodate the ramp, this appliance is generally produced at a greater vertical dimension than the day positioned appliance (you need more room for the ramp). Minimum thickness dimensions are 2 mm. This Orthotic is available using the Pressure Molded Technology PMT Base material for added comfort and flexibility. Ball clasps and hard acrylic can also be used.

Who Should Wear This Appliance

Patients who do not clench or grind, but lock in the supine position. This appliance is used to augment a position day appliance or used after Phase II therapy has been completed.

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