Space Maintainers

Uni Lateral Space Maintainer

The Unilateral Space Maintainer is used after premature loss of a primary molar in order to maintain the space for a premolar. It is a wire fitted with adjustment loops, with one of its ends soldered to the band and the other end resting on the distal surface of a premolar or cuspid.



Bilateral Space Maintainer

In order to maintain bilateral space, two bands are linked by a 0.036″ stainless steel wire. This type of appliance is recommended for patients with prematurely lost primary teeth. In addition to maintaining the teeth in position, it serves as a guide for incisors to eventually grow along an acceptable angle. Adjustments can be made with compensation loops if need be and springs can also be added to the anterior part of the maintainer if fine dental movement is needed.

Space Regainer

In order to regain and maintain interdental space, force can be exerted in the sagittal plane with a space regainer.




Intra Alveolar Space Maintainer

Premature loss of the second primary molar generally leads to inadequate eruption in the alveolar bone of the first permanent molar that tends to migrate mesially. As a result, space is lost and often the second premolar is impacted. Therefore, to guide the first permanent molar, a subgingival extension is added to provide intra-alveolar maintenance. Apart from this extension, the appliance is approximately the same as the unilateral space maintainer. A band is fitted on the first primary molar. The wire, soldered onto one end of the band, extends towards the distal surface of the second primary molar tooth. A stainless steel splint is soldered onto the distal surface of the loop and is inserted into the space left by the lost tooth. The sub gingival splint serves as a guide plane to the first permanent molar in order for it to erupt into the proper position. Once eruption is over, treatment must be continued with a unilateral space maintainer for best results.


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