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ON3- Open Air

 Olmos Airway -ON3Night Positioner

This appliance is designed to blend the best of all the previous appliances (ON1 & On2). It has a circular ramp to hold the mandible forward. This may be necessary for the patient who locks in the supine position. It also maintains the airway, both oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal. The round hole allows air to pass for the oropharyngeal airway and allows the tongue to rest in it that improves nasal breathing. It has an anterior pad with no posterior occlusion. This also acts as an Anterior Deprogrammer to reduce parafunctional activity.


The phonetic position is used when the airway is within normal ranges, when the phonetic position corrects to normal or when no mandibular position would improve the airway. These determinations are made using Ecovision (acoustic pharyngometry). If you do not own or have access to a pharyngometer then it is best to use the phonetic position.

Who Should Wear This Appliance

This appliance is universal. It can be used with patients who have inflammation of the joint capsule (capsulitis), lock in the supine position, have airway obstruction, clench or grind their teeth or any combination of the above. The ON2 (ramp) blocks airway and is contraindicated in patients with obstructed nasal breathing.



Summary of ON3 – Olmos Airway Appliance

  • Reduce Nocturnal Clenching and Grinding.
  • Unique bite pad reduces the muscles ability to grind, resulting in less headaches, less facial pain and overall improved quality of sleep.
  • Thermoplastic flex allows the cranial sutures to flex.
  • Changes the fulcrum of the mandibular elevators and reduces the patient’s ability to forcefully close.
  • No opposing posterior tooth contact.
  • This is a therapeutic appliance.

    ON3 appliance can be fabricated with a Comfort Thermoform placed on the lower anteriors. This ensures maximum comfort.

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Improves your patients nasal breathing