Chemical Free Plastics

Bio Dentaplast

Tooth Coloured Metal Free Partial Denture Frameworks

German innovation for flexible denture materials surpassing all brands who have gone before in this field. Scientifically manufactured for excellence in Bio-Compatibility, Fit , Comfort and Aesthetics.



  • Biocompatible
  • Monomer-free

    Tooth coloured clasping to blend in with existing natural teeth.

  • Tooth coloured
  • Excellent wear comfort
  • Stress-free contact material on the enamel of the antagonists
  • Perfectly suited for use in temporary solutions in the healing phase and for removable,implant-borne restorations
  • Unbeatable aesthetics
  • Limited flexibility
  • High crystallinity
  • High fit accuracy and detail reproduction
  • Optimal friction values (attachments/telescope)
  • Thin restorations possible (> 0.3 mm snap-on technique)
  • Quick and easy to process
  • Rebasing possible under certain circumstances – injection moulding procedure (retentive)

    CaptureNow there is a viable alternative to Chrome Cobalt Frameworks

    And its right here at Functional Orthotic Design !

    Metal free, tooth-coloured clasping frameworks are now possible and provide an excellent replacement for chrome metal type dentures



45435Bio-Dentaplast is a techno-polymer based on polyoxymethylene

Metal free CoCr clasp restorations — Why use metal if tooth coloured restorations can be fabricated?

Long term temporaries, tooth coloured clasping, metal free restorations, outstanding material properties, highly accurate, protects patients enamel surfaces.

Metal free, tooth coloured clasps and retention elements

Unbreakable long-term temporaries without complex reinforcing elements

Extremely thin, opaque occlusal appliances(can be used for Splint Design,Orthtoics and Overlay Partial Designs)

Attachments and telescopic work

Snap on Smiles are also available with this product

Dental Indications

A removable partial denture is aesthetically pleasing and meets all requirements for comfort and function. Ideal for patients who would like to have a removable partial denture and have decided not to have metal clasps or clasping.

Perfect for monomer-allergic patients.

Temporary flexible dentures are excellent as a healing appliance for patients with newly inserted implants.

Almost invisible, flexible partial dentures and tooth coloured with or without metal clasps, using telescopes and/or attachments, when made with this material are perfectly feasible.


High level of comfort for patients

High crystalline material, hard surface, yet still flexible

Extreme detail reproduction, filigree tooth-coloured retentive elements

Perfect fit

Ultra-thin, opaque splints realizable

Stress-free contact material against antagonist enamel

SNAP ON- prosthesis


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