Tektite® Junior (5-10 years)

This mouthguard is suitable for the 5-10 year age group, single layer, with excellent fit. It does not interfere with breathing and will introduce the child to the discipline of wearing a mouthguard every time they play or train. Equal to the best non-laminated mouthguard obtainable, available in all colours.  More info

Tektite Enduro (7-13 years)

Suitable for the 7-13 year age group of children wearing orthodontic bands/appliances. Custom lamination of two layers of material offering a small increase in the bulk of the mouthguard compared to the Tektite Junior mouthguard but superior protection due to the laminating process.

An impression of the lower teeth is also taken. This ensures the bite position is balanced on both sides of the mouthguard, reducing the likelihood of a fractured jaw, concussion and TM joint injuries.

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At Functional Orthotic Design  we also provide unrivaled sports mouthguards, to enhance sports performance and decrease the risk of teeth and jaw damage. Did you know sports and leisure activities can be the main cause of dental injuries and if you are over the age of 25 you are even more […]


Tektite Elite Sports

Positioning your jaw for optimised breathing during sport is crucial to how we develope our Elite Sports Tektite Mouthguard. We take great care in choosing material inserts for this type of Mouthguard prior to construction. Like most Mouthguards available today there is little thought regarding the composition of the layers […]