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Polyan I.C Denture Base Material

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POLYAN I.C.  (polyamide)

  • Pure thermoplastic (polyan) based on PMMA, modified polymethyl methacrylate
  • Prosthesis and splint plastic suitable for allergy-sufferers with many years of market acceptance (>35 years)
  • High level of purity and highly biocompatible, no mucosal irritations
  • Residual monomer content less than< 1%
  • Biocompatible
  • Best fitting precision with top class suction effect
  • Easy, safe + homogeneous material processing
  • Absolute colour stability for years to come
  • Highly cross-linked, smooth surfaces
  • High breaking and bending strength
  • Fast surface cleaning
  • Personalisation of the red-white-look possible (crea.lign)
  • High quality extension through rebasing – injection moulding procedure (retentive)
  • Can also be repaired with autopolymerisation (chemical binding with uni.lign)
  • link IC adhesive agent for chemical binding of tooth to prosthetic base
  • Implant-borne anchors can be injection-moulded without any problems, or processed subsequently using


In close cooperation between the plastics industry and experienced dentists and dental technicians the first recipe for a thermoplastic denture base material in five different colours was developed.

Polyan IC is easily and safely processed in the specially designed injection moulding machine Thermopress 400. The specially selected materials for sensitive people meets the high expectations of your patients.

Closely interlaced chain particles form the highly connected and compact denture base material.

Polyan IC is a transparent glass-like thermoplastic material based on a polymethyl methacrylate. This material is free from Benzylperoxide and iron oxides. It is well tolerated and minimizes the occurrence of allergic reactions. Polyan IC is available in six different colours (clear, pink 1-3, pink 4 veined and pink 5).



Dental Indications

Denture base material for partial and full dentures and as a base material for tough, clear splints.


Low (less than 1% Monomer Content) Benzoyl Peroxide FREE



Accurate fit

Colour Stable

Highly Compatible

High Comfort Fit


For a safe bond to the acrylic teeth we recommend surface roughening and the use of the adhesion promoter I.C.






Repairs/ Upgrades

With the repair material uni.lign speed (self curing) Polyan IC can be repaired quickly and easily. Additions and Relines are also achievable but require re-injecting and rebasing with additional Polyan IC

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