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The Nance

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The Nance button is a large acrylic piece used to maintain space on the upper maxillary. With pressure on the palate, it maintains distally the first permanent molars. It can also correct tipping of permanent molars caused by treatment with a removable appliance (or a fixed appliance). Used in conjunction with another fixed orthodontic apparatus, it can help prevent undesirable dental movement. Finally, the Nance button can serve as a reminder for children who suck their thumbs.




Tongue Crib

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The Tongue Crib helps eliminate pressure exerted by the tongue onto the anterior teeth. It is recommended for patients with abnormal deglutition. In order to obtain an adequate lip seal patients must also perform myofunctional labial exercises.






Studies have shown that the habit of thumb sucking may have a negative impact on the growth and orientation of a child’s dentition. Since the tongue is positioned under the thumb when sucking, the growth of the maxillary and the mandible has a tendency to evolve in an abnormally anterior fashion, and in a protrusive direction. Upper jaw bone teeth can become excessively inclined and protrusive, while lower jaw bone teeth often become inclined in a lingual direction. The habit of thumb sucking also has a tendency to produce constriction at the level of the upper maxillary, especially in the area of the primary canines. A crossed occlusion can develop when the pressure exercised by the cheek muscles is not balanced by pressure from the tongue muscles. A permanent skeletal asymmetry can develop if the situation is not corrected. The Bluegrass appliance removes the sensation of suction and the pleasure children feel when sucking their thumb by pressing it against the palate. In 52 % of cases, the bad habit is corrected instantly. However, the appliance must remain in the mouth for 12 weeks.

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