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How does the Aqualizer Work?aqualizer icon

The Aqualizer contains two fluid filled pads with a channel connecting them. This allows the fluid to move back and forth, balancing and equilibrating the occlusion. The perfect fit anywhere within the envelope of function.

The Aqualizer™ is the most accurate and effective differential diagnostic tool available. The Aqualizer™ allows the body to find instant functional balance by unraveling the malocclusion it is locked in, making The Aqualizer™ an invaluable tool to anyone who is suffering from the effects of TMD. The Aqualizer™ obtains a perfect bite on the first try – dental mouth guards made from this bite are immensely effective, predictable, and require remarkably few adjustments, saving valuable chair time. Dental professionals may use the Aqualizer™‘s water system in conjunction with articulation paper or the Tekscan T-Scan® to diagnose bruxism-related facial pain, while other medical professionals use it to treat migraine headaches and chronic neck and shoulder pain.

What makes the Aqualizer™ dental splint a different kind of TMJ treatment?

The answer is easy. Physics!! The Aqualizer™ is a new application of a basic physical law of nature called Pascal’s Law, which states that that an enclosed fluid will apply equalised fluid pressure regardless of where pressure is applied to the fluid. In other words, biting down on the Aqualizer™ causes the fluid to distribute bite forces evenly across the bite, reducing TMJ pressure and pain.The net result is pain and pressure relief. Aqualizer™ dental splints impose no preset changes. By contrast, they enable the body to naturally balance itself, resulting in TMJ pain relief and improved function.



The Aqualizer’s Floating Action Lets the Muscles Take Over for the First Time.F.O Design The muscles themselves correct strain-producing occlusal and mandibular mal-relationship accurately, naturally, and in all three planes of space, relieving muscle strain immediately. Pain then fades away very quickly. Patients feel better in just a few minutes. It’s a giant leap forward.
TMD Diagnoses and Treatment Begins Without Discluding or Disabling the Muscles.
First, use the Aqualizer to preview the effects of an optimally balanced occlusion. If the Aqualizer relieves pain, occlusal treatment is indicated. Choose the treatment plan (splint, equilibration, orthodontics) most appropriate for the patient’s needs and desires.
Neuromuscular Bite Registration & Correction Guidance Made Easy

After the Aqualizer has relieved the pain and conditioned the muscles it’s easy to use bite registration material to transfer the neuromuscular Aqualizer position to models for fabrication of diagnostic rehabilitation plates, orthotics and night disengagement plates for bruxism that will be most effective and require fewer adjustments.


Fluid pillows are placed over the occlusal surfaces of posterior teeth allowing the patient to gently rest upon them.



Ideal for Patients Waiting for Splint Delivery. 
Use the Aqualizer to control symptoms, wearing the splint as little as needed; at night or during daytime periods of stress and pain. The Aqualizer is not to be worn for more than eight hours per twenty-four hour period. Replace Aqualizers as needed after they lose their fluid. (Usually a week or two for non-bruxers.)





Greater effectiveness for:
Treating TMJ/PDS Symptoms:
Headache, Neck & Shoulder Pain & Stiffness and TMD related pain from trauma and whiplash. You can easily provide fast symptom relief at the first office visit
Orthodontics & Cosmetics:
Better functional treatment planning with a preview of harmony between teeth, mandibular position, TMJ and the entire muscle complex. Relief of orthodontic triggered muscle pain during treatment, without inhibiting tooth movement.



Aqualizer Ultra 1
Which volume size do i use? Low, medium or high?

This is a question we are often asked. The answer is gauged by measuring posterior inter-occlusal space as the patient is performing Sibilant Sound techniques (counting repeatedly 61-66).


Low Volume = 1-2 mm space

Medium Volume= 2-3 mm space

High Volume = 3-5 mm space

If you measure this correctly, your patient will pass autonomic and kinesthetic tests for TMJ stabilisation (MNRT courses are currently available with Dr Steven Olmos, TMJ Therapy & Sleep Centre, San Diego, CA)















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