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Basic Anterior Deprogrammer -ON1

This appliance is designed to reduce nocturnal clenching and grinding. It is produced on the maxillary arch. It changes the fulcrum of the mandibular elevators and reduces the patient’s ability to forcefully close. It activates to some degree proprioception from the lower anteriors.

There cannot be cuspid or posterior tooth contact in any position. If there is cuspid contact, the patient will fulcrum on them. If there is posterior contact the patient will begin to lever producing elevator muscle pain. If the patient was overclosed, then opening their bite will increase their force of contraction. This is why you don’t give a clencher/grinder a flat plane splint because they will clench and grind with more force.

A more durable long-term use appliance can be fabricated out of acrylic with ball clasp retention.

Who Should Wear This Appliance 

Patients that clench or grind. These patients will usually complain of interrupted sleep and wake with temporal headaches and facial pain (or have awareness of the facial muscles). Acute episodes of bruxism will produce symptoms; chronic bruxism is usually asymptomatic. These acute episodes may be the result of anxiety or worry as the result of work-related or family issues or as the result of injury to another body part that prevents restful sleep. Remember, there is no conscious inhibition of this activity; that is why mechanical control is necessary.

Unique bite pad reduces muscles ability to grind, resulting in less headaches, less facial pain and overall improved quality of sleep. The bite pad is lab fabricated to the prescribing doctors physiologic bite. Slight indentations of lower anterior teeth subtly guide the mandible into the bite position. 


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