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Panthera D-SAD


This device is custom-made and includes two retainers to be inserted on the upper and lower arches.

The retainers are manufactured using a laser sintering process (SLS) in Quebec, Canada. The product is patented and its design is protected under copyright.

SLS technology is in wide use around the world due to its ability to easily make very complex geometries directly from digital CAD data. While it began as a way to build prototype parts early in the design cycle, it is increasingly being used in limited-run manufacturingto produce end-use parts. One less expected and rapidly growing application of SLS is its use in art.

The connector system consists of two triangles attached to the lower retainer and of retaining rods.

These rods are connected to the upper retainer and to the triangles of the lower retainer in order to maintain the jaw in a forward position.

Benefits of treatment utilizing a mandibular advancement device (MAD)

  • Non-invasive, reversible, and long-term treatment
  • Excellent patient compliance because of its effectiveness, its comfort and the absence of side effects
  • Minimizes bulk in the mouth when sleeping thanks to its small size and comfort
  • Easy adjustment, titration, insertion, and removal both for the dental practitioner and the patient

The action mechanism

  • Mandibular advancement with retention
  • Interchangeable rods to control the advancement
  • No pressure on incisors
  • Articulation parallel to the occlusal plane
  • Made in type 12 organic polyamide
  • Homogeneous material
  • Easy insertion and removal


Custom-Made Oral Appliance

The device is designed according to the characteristics of each patient, thus offering a better fit to minimize discomfort and increase stability.



Benefits of the Panthera Connection System

This innovative system transfers forces in the horizontal plane.

It reduces muscle pain and stress on the temporomandibular joints (TMJ).

Since the retaining rods and the pivot points located on the triangles of the lower retainer and on the anchor points of the upper retainer are elevated, vertical forces are supressed.

The fact that there are no vertical forces limits the retention of the retainers to strong teeth, which increases comfort and, consequently, improves patient compliance to the treatment.

The device works in the same direction than the muscles and the design minimizes the size and the retention force of the retainers to provide an improved comfort and protect the teeth.

The traction mechanism allows the closing of the mouth while reducing tension in the joints.

The closing of the mouth contributes to nasal breathing, which reduces vibrations resulting in snoring, as well as collapsing causing episodes of apnea.745758

The Panthera device facilitates lateral and vertical movements during sleep. Consequently, it is also possible to breathe through mouth.

Wearing the device does not stop the patient from drinking, yawning or talking.

The components of the plastic connector system are safe and metal free. There is no risk of swallowing or inhaling the components.

By changing the retaining rods, it is possible to move the jaw forward gradually, one millimeter at a time, generally from your original captured bite position.



What are the advantages of the Panthera Device                                            

The Panthera Anti-Snoring Device is innovative in terms of both design and manufacturing and has many advantages.

The Panthera mandibular advancement device is custom-made using a computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) process.

Each product is unique for unmatched comfort and effectiveness. The material used in its fabrication is homogenous, biocompatible and very resistant.

The splints and the retaining rods are thus more reliable and allergies to this material are extremely rare. Moreover, the rods stay fixed to the device and are more resistant to bruxism because of their bold design. The intelligent anchor system allows you to change the rods yourself.

The jaw advancement is progressive for an increased comfort since rods are changed progressively for shorter ones, one millimetre at a time.

In addition to eliminating or reducing snoring by opening the upper airways, the Panthera device is discrete and delicate. Because of its effectiveness, its comfort, its lasting quality and its look, the Panthera Anti-Snoring Device is the best solution to treat snoring.


Evolution meets Science- Welcome to the future of Oral Appliance Therapy for Dental Sleep Therapy with Functional Orthotic Design


Warranty Card

Your Panthera device comes with a customized warranty card including your name, the name of your dental practitioner, and a unique identification number. With this card, we will be able to easily access your information if required.

Warranty Policy

We are dedicated to offer the best customer service and warranty policies.

The Panthera Anti-Snoring Device is covered by a five-year warranty, effective from the month of manufacture.

A customized warranty card certifies our warranty and facilitates the access to your information if needed.

The warranty covers the Panthera Anti-Snoring Device and the retaining rods against any manufacturing or material defects.

If such defects occur, the device and the rods will be replaced. Only the shipping fees will be applicable.

People suffering from severe bruxism that might break standard rods will be provided with rods especially designed for their condition.

Please note that the warranty on the Panthera Anti-Snoring Device does not cover damages caused by a pet.

To honour this warranty, Panthera requires:5332df81c16aa-620_465

  1. The Panthera Anti-Snoring Device and/or the retaining rods
  2. The patient’s identification number or a proof of purchase In case of issue with the Panthera Device or for more information, please contact us.


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