Breflex 2

Scientifically improved flexible denture material

(this is not Valplast, Thermosens or FRS)

Use this innovative German designed material for a removable partial denture that is aesthetically pleasing and has all the requirements for functionality and comfort. This is an ideal solution for patients who have requested to hide unsightly metal clasps. The material is bio compatible, light weight and extremely durable. Having used several  flexible denture systems and their materials over the past decade Functional Orthotic Design has now integrated the Bredent Thermopress and it’s Chemical Free range of plastics to our new laboratory in Robina. We are delighted with the results and wish to share this technology with you as a client. Contact us today (07) 5580 9355 to discuss your next case.

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Bio Dentaplast 

A techno-polymer based on polyoxymethylene. “The higher the crystallinity in a plastic, the harder it will be.” These properties allow delicate attachment elements, for fixed movable cases but also telescopes manufactured with optimum friction levels. As a result we are now able to use this unusual physiological behavior and its wide range of mechanical properties in many areas of Prosthodontics. This material expands the application in the chrome cobalt casting department or removable partial dentures. 

Bio Dentaplast  is available in the colours A1, A2, A3, B2 & B3.

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Ceramic-Crowns-in-Preston-LancashireBre Dentan HP

Bre Dentan HP is a modified thermoplastic material which with the aid of an injection moulding system is processed without sensitizing setting-catalysts to translucent crowns and bridges. The residual monomer content is below 0.3 % and reduces mucosal irritation. Bre Dentan HP has a very high tensile strength and the high density of the material, ensures an excellent high gloss finish. For this reason plaque build up is reduced.

Bre Dentan HP is available in threee colours A, B & C

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PolyFull-Denturesan IC

Polyan IC is a transparent glass-like thermoplastic material based on polymethyl methacrylate. This material is free from Benzylperoxide and iron oxides. Ideally used as a denture base material for partial and full dentures. Tough, clear, hard splints can also be fabricated with this material.

Polyan IC is available in six different colours; clear, pink 1-3, pink 4 veined and pink 5.

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Denture + Material

IvoBase Injecion System



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 Chrome Frameworks


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Implant Retained


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