Follow These Easy Steps

fdShipping Guidelines

Please contact us for details on shipping your case to Functional Orthotic Design. Depending on your location and hours, you may qualify for case pick-up and delivery. We also provide shipping labels and instructions for non-local clients.

  1. Print and complete the Prescription Form.

– Olmos Prescription Form

– Standard Lab Form

-Swirl Lab Prescription

  1. Pack the Case
  1. Always pour alginate impressions in stone before overnight shipping to the lab. Polyvinyl impressions are OK to ship without pouring.
  2. Separate multiple impressions & individually wrap each arch with foam to prevent breakage.
  3. Secure bites in a small bag or container; if sending multiple bites, please label “day” and “night” bites.
  4. Pack entire box with foam and enclose the prescription.
  5. Make sure contents are secure and won’t move during shipping (this will prevent damage).
  6. Seal box securely with packing tape and attach air bill or mailing label. 


  1. Prepare the Toll Priority Consignment Note or Express Post Satchel

It is important that you order your shipping labels through our shipping department rather than calling Toll Priority directly. This will ensure that your pre-printed Consignment Notes are completed accurately, and that your cases arrive as scheduled and all appropriate shipping expenses are billed back to us.

  1. Call 13 15 31 to Schedule a Toll Priority Pick Up or Call us at the laboratory.  (07) 5580 9355



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